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Remedial Systems Integrated, LLC

Remedial Systems Integrated, LLC

Remedial Systems Integrated, LLCRemedial Systems Integrated, LLC

What We Do

We design and build remediation systems for resale or rent. Rental is quickly becoming our business, as we provide you with a very cost effective solution for several common industry problems: we ensure run time, we conduct maintenance, and we give you a headache free solution. It becomes so easy – that many question why they have ever done otherwise! Our systems are designed to avoid lengthy electrical permitting, complex plumbing connections, and bulky/awkward trailers, thus significantly reducing the time between when the system is delivered and when the system is started. Many times the system gets delivered the day it starts. How do we do that? Call us to find out!

Our systems include air sparge, soil vapor extraction, enhanced vapor recovery, high vacuum (and sometimes a very high vacuum), groundwater recovery, injection, and any combination of them. Our systems designed to run reliably and provide you with pressure, vacuum and flows you need.