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Remedial Systems Integrated, LLC

Remedial Systems Integrated, LLC

Remedial Systems Integrated, LLCRemedial Systems Integrated, LLC

Modular Systems

So what is modular? The modular system is a system comprised of an Air Sparge and a Soil Vapor Extraction modulars. We designed a simple solution  to break down systems into smaller units, which can be easily integrated to build any capacity desired. We took traditional remediation system trailer and eliminated all the empty space from it, leaving only required system components. Now it is similar to building blocks – just add the modulars together to get the capacity  you need.

Base modulars have the following capacities:

AS side – 70 cfm/ 30 psi;

SVE side – 400 cfm/100 in WC;

Larger systems may utilize, for example, two AS units and one SVE, or three AS unit and two SVE – it is that simple to make a medium, large and  super large system.

Each modular unit is a self contained system and has all the necessary components to run on its own or be integrated into a system of modulars.  AS and SVE sets contain all necessary components, such as fans, filters, pressure relieve valves, moisture separator, heat exchange units, etc. to operate sustainably in any condition.

All our systems are equipped with rigorous noise suppressing and dampening equipment, reducing sound levels to 65 dB at 10 feet away from the  unit.

Footprint of each modular is only 5 feet by 2.5 feet and they are less than 3 feet tall. Now you can fit your remediation system easily into  a single parking space!

We made it easy on ourselves so we can guarantee run time. We have an unmatched reaction plan to a breakdown and it is simple: we replace the  broken unit within 24 hours.

Electrical solution is also very simple – call us to find out how it all became easy!